USA Student Visa

USA education is world renowned; it has highest number of Universities, Colleges and Institutes, the education standard of which is recognized worldwide.

USA being the first world economy and technologically highly advanced, there is extensive research and development happening through universities giving international students practical coverage to the latest implementation of new research. International Students get practical exposure and experience of the most advanced trends which is followed by many other nations thus student tend to get upper hands when they start their career in any other nations.
Degree from United States of America is respected with high regards by employers additionally it also gives a student exposure to global business culture.
The universities and colleges have a research based approach and provide greater amount of flexibility and freedom to students. Equal importance is given to both practical knowledge and theories.
There are higher number of USA universities listed in top 100 Universities, some of these top ranking Universities includes California Institute of Technology,Havard University, Stanford Univeristy, Princeton University, Yale Univeristy and many more.
Wide range of academic options is available for students along with numerous specializations.
Academic excellence, scholarship facilities for deserving students, flexibility and freedom offered to students, respecting the creativity and originality, are few of the major reasons that has given USA a lead as a study abroad destination.
F1 students can gain experience with OPT (Optional Practical Training) and can continue to H1B status, generally 5 years of student visa is granted.
More years of OPT and CPT (Curricular Practical Training) is granted to students of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.
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